Meet Talisa

Talisa is a figure competitor, Coach, Training developer, & Business owner. In 2015, life was crazy for her. She was depressed and stressed out. She looked in the mirror and did not recognize the person looking back at her. Life was overwhelming and she was weighing 205 pounds. That’s when she cried and said enough is enough.  

Talisa served in the United States Army for 21 years. She always had a love for physical training and working out but once she transitioned from the military, things were different, she was no longer able to accomplish the goals she set out for herself, nor was she able to tap into her place of happiness.

In 2016, she did her first figure competition and the process to get to the stage was more than just eating right, drinking water, sleeping and working out. It was the mental battle we go through everyday in our minds.  To accomplish your goals, you must go through a spiritual, mental, and physical process to experience the best version of yourself.